Todays page introduces two new characters, one hero, and one villain.  For Couver (the dog,) I had a rough idea of what he would look like before I started to draw this page.  As with all of our characters I start to draw them by their eyes first.  I was originally going to have Couver’s eyes round like Puppy Hobos but that didn’t seem to fit him. It wasn’t untill I started to work on todays page that it hit me …   Make his eyes oval.  And then, there he was.  For Tommy Totino (the cat.) Rich had described him as a youngish Sylvester the Cat type in the script.  So with that, I drew this thin, sleek, black alley cat.  Having never really drawn a cat before, I think he came out quite well.

Make sure to come back this Friday for the next page!  We have switched our update schedule around a little bit, in what should lead to more updates.  Our eventual goal is to update five times a week!

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