I was a little worried with how the Caddy came out in panel 2 of this page when I first drew it, but I am very happy with the final product!  This whole page was a blast to work on.  I think I’m going to need to study some old Calvin and Hobbes strips to better convey the speed Dingo drives at, and motion in general, although I think I did pretty good on this page.

If you take a gander at the menu above the comic you’ll see we have a new page set up, “Downloads”!  Currently we’ve got two desktop backgrounds in there in various sizes (Thanks Ryan!) for your wall paper needs.  These two backgrounds are of what the actual stuffed animals we’ve based Bowser and Hopady look like.  We’ll be adding more backgrounds as time goes on, and other stuff of this nature, so keep your eyes peeled!

Last up, the announcement I promised last week…  Hobo and Bowser will be updating twice a week!  Now, every MONDAY and WEDNESDAY you can expect a new full page comic!  So be here on June 1st for your next dose of H&B!