Page 30, we made it! Not really a major milestone by any means, but I’m happy to get here non-the-less! I’m really starting to like Chief Flash.  A hardworking cop with a no-nonsense attitude, who is starting to realize he’s going to have his hands full with Dumb Hobo.  This page was going to have a longer exchange between Hopady and Chief Flash at the end, but I condensed the scene down at the last minute after getting stuck on the last panel for most of today.  
We have added “Author Bios” onto the site to give a little bit more insight into who Rich and I are, and where this world we’ve created is coming from.  Next week we will add a section about the real origins of “Hobo and Bowser” and how it all came to be.

I’m thinking about tinkering with the layout of the future pages… We may switch from a six panel strip to a four panel strip, and change our update schedule to twice a week.  It depends on how the scripts will adapt to a smaller format, so we’ll see.

Till next time…