*Post coming in the afternoon…  More like on friday 04-10-09…
Page 27. All of the character drawings came out perfectly on this page, with minor exceptions for Chief Flash… He still needs work.  

I have learned an important technique for when I am about to start drawing a page… Using my sketch book, I will just do a rough sketch of what I see when I read the script Rich writes…  One of the problems I have on occasion is that so many visuals for each “scene” come into my head they all start to bump into each other and it creates a block that I can’t filter through and delays me from drawing.  But now, using the sketch pad I can just scribble down whatever comes into my head and all of the ideas and visuals get out of my mind and I can start to form them from the final drawing from the whole lot.  It has made drawing a complete page that much easier!
I imagine most artists have this problem.  Untill next week!