With some new paint on the walls and less clutter, the ol’ website here has gotten a facelift. There are still a few more things to do but overall she is complete. This was done to coincide with the overhaul of the Hobo & Bowser comic archive!

We are currently going through all of the old comics and reformatting them to better fit the website design. Additionally, this is a good opportunity to make ALL of the old comics look more uniform in their appearance, touch up the art here and there and rework/punch-up some of the dialog. This will make for an easier segue into the new H&B strips when they start to run later this year.

11 of the updated strips are already on the site, and the rest will follow shortly.

Potted Meet Monday
For any of you readers who may be local to the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, I will once again be a featured artist at Potted Meet Monday. This time, I will be drawing comics LIVE. Guaranteed to be a great time, come on out have some fun and say hi! You can get more information at Potted Meet’s Website.