As we enter into March and the snow drifts here in Minnesota grow higher and higher, I’ve found some time to make a drawing video. This is a drawing of the “Jenny” character from the upcoming Jenny’s Block comic:

I’ve also recently made an update to Jo Wednesday’s character design:

I’ve made her coat a deeper orange and tried to soften her face a little more. I’ve also made her ears a little more “curvy” as they go behind her head.

Work is almost complete on finishing the script for Rabnet’s “Take the Produce and Run” story. I have the next five pages sketched and will have the whole thing laid out by the end of March if not sooner.

February Potted Meet recap:
I was one of the featured artists for the February Potted Meet Mondays, a local shindig here in Minneapolis. I brought print outs of completed strips and original artwork from all of our comics for display through out the night:

It was a truly wonderful experience watching a crowd of people walk up to my artwork and our stories and enjoy the work. Putting the strips up here on the website has a sense of being removed from our readers even though you directly access this website. Being in the same room as the readers though was phenomenal!

The word on the street is that at an upcoming Potted Meet I will be drawing strips LIVE. Keep your eyes here for further information as we get closer!