As we almost bid farewell to January of 2014 it’s time to make a progress report on our comics:

HOBO & BOWSER: We are going to finish the 5th story “Rent a Shack”, (which has had a couple reboots since we first started to run it,) and then start the next story. Which may possibly be a reboot of this comic as a whole. A LOT has been learned since we started over five years ago and we want to apply the lessons to it and make it an even stronger comic!

RABNET: Page 10 is complete and the next four pages are sketched. We are refining the script further as we go.

JENNY: This comic is still kicking around in my head. It will be based on the life of my unusual dog.

Jenny doesn’t like to take walks and the thought of licking you on the face makes her uncomfortable. She has her issues and is happy to share them as long as there’s a hand on her tummy.

I’m hoping to tell a tale about animal abuse/abandonment and how this four legged being learns to overcome and heal from what was done to her. Told from her perspective

This comic is a dumping ground for all of the strange comic ideas that pop into my head. I have a couple that have come to me in recent weeks and will be working on them and hopefully posting them soon.

Moving forward I am going to update on the progress of each of these comics with screen shots of the development process and other various things related to cartooning. Some interesting places to go and see are on the horizon in the cartooning world and I will also blog about them here!