Franklin O’Malley’s Buick Lesabre has new tires all right, but now will be needing something even more pricey: An engine repair! What did he do to earn this retaliation? Check back next week as we kick off issue number three!

Behind The Scenes With Rich

Way back when Ed and I were coming up with Hobo and Bowser we kept having them blow up car after car after car to get back at their enemy. Fun if you are telling a story with just stuffed animals and your imaginations, but it would grow old awful fast in a comic strip. So O’Malley will get to keep his Lesabre, though it is probably going to suffer so many sabotage attacks he will wind up paying more to keep it running than he had to spend to buy it. By the way, Mega Java -the name on O’Malley’s paper coffee mug- is your typical Dunn Brothers, Starbucks, or Caribou Coffee-type establishment. -Rich