Today we find Franklin O’Malley is all flustered and spooked over being in a sewer.  Poor baby.  Maybe PH and BW should drop down a pacifier to you?

Will O’Malley escape, or is this it for him in this story arc? 

Keep tabs to find out!

Behind The Scenes With Rich

Again this page is based on the previously mentioned scene from Tough Guys.  Leon Little yells up from the manhole Harry and Archie drop him into as the two of them walk away wondering just who he is. (They don’t find out until near the end of the movie, by the way.  Turns out Leon was paid to bump them off back in 1956.  And Harry and Archie went to jail for 30 years in 1956.   Talk about job dedication, Leon.)   In fact, Bowser’s “Finish it?  Finish what?” line is direct from the movie.  Said by Burt Lancaster.  I couldn’t resist borrowing it, along with a few other bits of dialogue from the film.  Immitation is the best form of flattery, after all.

Kudos to none other than our mom for O’Malley’s whiny line about gangrene.  It wasn’t in the original script.   -Rich