Bingo!  PH and BW make O’Malley do a prat fall of folly and save themselves from his misguided wrath yet again.   Click back Wednesday for more of O’Malleys rant from the depths.

Behind The Scenes With Rich

This is how Harry and Archie (Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas) deal with hit man Leon B. Little (Eli Wallach) while Leon is marching them down an alley to shoot them in the movie Tough Guys. 

Ed changed a key detail for our version: Harry and Archie dwarf Leon size-wise so he cannot see them remove the sawhorse over the manhole.  Yet Bowser and Hobo are so short O’Malley could see them do that unless he is looking at something else.  So Ed had O’Malley rear his head back in evil laughter as PH and BW do what Burt and Kirk did.  Resulting O’Malley meeting the same fate as Leon B. Little.  (What a great name, by the way!)  However, O’Malley yelling up from the sewer is based directly on something Leon does after his fall is done, though I had to make sure O’Malley’s language was family-friendly, as Leon Little’s wasn’t.