So Dingo has arrived and taken Dumb Hobo on quite a wild ride.    Meanwhile, Chief Flash wonders just what caused an accident in the blink of an eye and finds out one of his patrols cannot catch a reckless driver.

Now PH and BW have mean Franklin O’Malley marching them into an alley at squirt gun point.  What are they going to do?

Click back next Monday to find out!

Behind the scenes with Rich:

This sequence just commencing is an homage to one of my favorite scenes in the 1986 motion picture Tough Guys starring the great duo of Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas in their final film together. 

The scene in question is when an elderly hit man named Leon B. Little (played by Eli Wallach) gets the drop on Burt and Kirk outside a bar and marches them into an alley.

What do Boit and Koik do to get out of the jam?  Well, I could tell you, but it would give our plot away.  So click back next Monday. 

I would like to commend Ed on his wonderful drawing.  The scene with Dumb Hobo freaking out about the truck was super professional.  Bill Watterston or Jim Davis couldn’t have done it better.  Kudos also goes for how well Ed drew the desk chair Chief Flash uses.  (A chair, incidentally, modeled on the very ones Ed and I use to type and draw at on our respective computers.) -Rich