Mean Mr. O’Malley just can’t keep his big mouth shut.  Which means he’s just earned himself some big time auto woes courtesy of Bowser Wowser and one of her black ops gadgets.  Take that, you creep!  Way to go Bowser! :-)


Behind The Scenes With Rich

The stuff about the Buick is based upon one of the acts we did when we were kids, though in the original one it blew up completely.  Not just it’s tires.  Why do Hobo and Bowser target autos, you ask?  Well, it just came to us, and struck us so funny we kept it up until we made it a trademark gag.  Though ironically enough, it was the character of Tony who was the meanie in our acts until we made him a good person.  But what to do with all those car gags?  The answer was hapless Mr. O’Malley.  By the way: O’Malley’s Buick is a Buick Lesabre.  Expertly drawn by Ed from a photo of one. -Rich