So the “cat” burglar is really a dog. Nabbed by his own kind no less.
Way to go PH and BW!

Behind The Scenes With Rich

Orginally Robby John was just going to be anoymous. “Dog thief” is all Ed and I called him in our original script.
Then I saw the Alfred Hitchcock classic To Catch A Thief in which Cary Grant plays a retired burglar named John Robie who is nicknamed “The Cat.” And an idea was planted as to our own thief …
Thus the name Robby John “The Dog” is a tip of the hat to Cary Grant’s John Robie “The Cat” in a movie I doubt many people my age -28- have seen. Or even know exsists in the first place.
So Hobo and Bowser has tipped our hat to Mr. Hitchcock.