So hey, see what happens when I have two days off from work in a row? I draw four panels! That’s twice as many as last week! This page is the middle/bottom half of what page 22 was going to be at first. It all came together pretty nicely. I like it when I sit down to draw and the imagery just pops out effortlessly as it did with this page.

The only thing I wanted to add in but never got to look quite right, was in the fourth panel to have the Bandit siloueted more by the lights coming on, with streaks of light shining through the fingers/around the figure. Somthing to practise at I guess.

The Update Schedule is still in the air for now, haven’t quite gotten the “Job Situation” settled just yet, but I got a couple interviews today so we’ll see how it goes!

See you next week with (hopefully) another full page.