Hello once again! Here is page 20, on time as promised! I’m playing around with things again, aside from erasing the pencil lines that were left over, the inks on this page are exactly as they were drawn on paper. Now that I’ve figured out how to use the Levels feature in Photoshop I dont have to redraw each page once its scanned in. I can just fix any errors and then move right into coloring and details.
I’ve tweaked my characters hairstyle a little, it looks better and is a lot easier to color now.

If anyone is lost on the current storyline after our Holiday detour, please Start Here.

Over new years I had a guest strip up over at The SuperFogeys! A wonderful comic by Brock Heasley, I would also like to give a belated welcome to our new visitors from his site, hope you all are enjoying our slice of the internet!

Next week, Puppy Hobo and Bowser dig deeper into this mystery, see you then!