Wow that’s a lotta dialog… I had some trouble with this one. At first this was going to be spread out over two pages but a few key factors played into the decision to condense it down to one:

– After this scene the next half of the storyline will start (the “Bandit” portion)and I felt it shouldn’t wait two weeks to get going.
– It was a lot of back and fourth between Tony and Hopady, and again I thought it might feel dragged out to spread it over two pages.
– There was one thing missing from the scene as it was written, nothing particularily funny happens aside from Tonys line about the “Derailment Incident”.

So I figured out how to format the page to get all the dialog into one update, but I was still stuck on the “funny” part… Should O’Malley be listening in on their conversation from the other side of the fence? But if I did that it would only cause problem down the road… Then it hit me.

While they’re standing there talking, what is Dumb Hobo up to?? Aside from being present he had no other inclusion in the scene when we wrote the script. I realized that despite Tony’s assurances that it was only a harmless rabbit in the side yard, Dumb Hobo still wasn’t quite convinced Hopady wouldnt gobble him up the first chance she got. So while the talking is going on, Dumb Hobo conducts a series of “tests” to determin weather or not she really is a rabbit.
And thus begins their antagonistic relationship. Dumb Hobo doing things that will drive Hopady to extreme annoyance. Although he never intends to do it, it just sort of turns out that way.

See you next week!

P.S. Played with the design of the word balloons on this one.