So as said last week, I’ve redesigned the site to first of all, make it look nicer, and make it easier to navigate. Simple and clean is what I was shooting for and I think it turned out great! :) I’ve also moved the blog onto blogger.coms hosting as we wont have to trigger an update on Comic Genesis everytime we want to see a new post or comment. (Speaking of commenting, let us know what you think!)

Ah, Page 17. The more I do this comic the easier it gets to draw it, and have it come out more consistent from panel to panel. I did copy and paste a little on this page though… Somthing I’ve been avoiding, as I think its sort of cheating to do it but it was a spur of the moment inspiration! I had Dumb Hobo in Panel 6 facing the other direction when I first drew it, and there was no background drawn behind him. After I scanned in the image I realized he should be seen in the same perspective as in Panel 4, facing to the left with the bush and fence behind him.

Goodbye Old Interior of the house, Hello New Interior of the house! I’ve taken some insiration from Darby Conleys Get Fuzzy for the inside of Tony and Lees house, which seems to give it a better feel. I like the new colors as well they came out just as I imagined, now to do somthing about that yellow exterior…

Another design decision I’m going to play with for the comic is not adding in the shadow or highlights… I dont think it really needs them, but we’ll see… My mind may change tomorrow.

Put up a new peice of old artwork on our deviantART account, more like an old strip really… This one dates back to 1999… … 1999, has it really been that long?

Till next week viewers!