Another one finished. I must say, out of all of the pages so far this one is the best yet (in my opinion.)
About this page:

(Hopady looks adorable in the first panel!)
*I think the first panel came out much closer to what I intended for page 12, with the two furthest tree layers being solid colors, and the front two being brown.

*Starting to play with the style a bit, adding a bolder outline to the characters and surroundings, with smaller, more subtle lines for the deatils. makes the character pop off the page more, as well as the envrionment.

*VERY happy with how the gunshot came out, its always a joy to have what I see in my head end up on the page!

*Added color to Hopadys eyes, most of the characters eyes so far have just been black, so I thought I’d mix it up a bit for our rabbit friend.

Thursday I will have the Character Profiles page updated with Hopadys info, as well as some more sketches from my notebooks on the characters so stay tuned!