A hole in the woods with a mailbox beside it.
No it’s not Bugs Bunny exactly (though I admit I owe a lot to Bugs when I came up with the idea for this character long ago.)
It’s the home of Hopady (Hop-A-DEE) rabbit. The next character whom you shall meet in this comic’s pages.
Check back next week or click on the “About” icon to meet her!

Memory Lane:

Hopady came about after my family bought my brother and I this cute brown lop-eared stuffed rabbit one Easter at Byerly’s Minnetonka, MN.
As we got Hobo and Bowser going with stuffed animals and our imaginations, I added the rabbit to the mix. Naming her “Hopady” after a character in an animated movie I saw once since it seemed to fit. (Rabbits hop, after all, do they not?) But taking her lifestyle and manner of travel from Bugs Bunny. Who I was crazy about at the time.
Imiation is the best form of flattery, no?