Now O’Malley knows who the REAL bosses of the neighborhood are. (But will he learn?) Next week the first page of Part Two: “Hopady and the Bandit” will be up!

Notes on this page:

Before I started it I had the image of O’Malley diving to the ground and the blast wave rushing over him in my mind long before the rest of the page came together.
As I worked I kept flashing on what happend on each of the next panels and was quite supprised when I got to the fifth panel by how assertive Puppy Hobo presented himself (a rather facinating experiance when your characters draw themselves!)

Bending down over a cowering O’Malley pointing a no non-sense finger at him and telling him what for! The dialogue was written by Rich more then a year prior to the actual drawing of the page, and when I sat reading through the script, I never envisiond the conversation happening in this maner.

I am quite happy with how both Puppy Hobos hand as well as O’Malleys came out. (O’Malleys needed the most work to get to look right.) I’m also rather happy that I’ve learned how to use Bowser Wowsers eyebrows for more facial expression (Panel four.)

See you all Next week!
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